5 activities in Oman to pep up your Eid Break


How do you plan to spend your Eid holiday? Nine days are too long to simply put your feet up and let your hair down. While many have decided to take up staycations or visit nearby foreign destinations, some prefer to stay put in Oman and indulge in what suits themselves. If you are among these, you can, indeed, target a few fruitful activities to keep your creative juices flowing. Consider these five activities or create your own set:

  1. Shooting a Film
    Pablo, Mohammad, Sultan, Kabir, Veronica, Sneha have teamed up together to shoot a short film. A team of creators, the team has been out of creative endeavours for the last one year due to COVID-19 restrictions. Like them, there are few others in and around Muscat who plan to utilise the time to shoot short films.
    While some aim to pitch their creations to potential OTTs, others plan to send them to festivals around the world. They do not have any high-end cameras but simple DSLRs and iPhones. Locations in Muscat are ample, from seashores to mountains, and with no restrictions now, they can move around on freely. Most of the amateur filmmakers are office-goers and they can now devote ample time for both, pre and post production, tasks, including rehearsals. Want to give it a shot?
  2. Having a barbecue party
    Sulaiman and his friends Arshad and Sam, all married bachelors, have ideas for a long night barbecue. None of them (except Sulaiman) has ever done a grill. During the holidays, as per their plans, they will research on Youtube the processes for setting up a grill, followed by spots to visit for a relaxed evening. Another team mate is in charge of the entertainment section which includes beverages, a music system and camp lights.
    Like them, there are many who plan for night-outs. Some families have also come together for longer trips to Jebel Sifah and Quriyat. Think you can follow suit?
  3. Post Chand Raat get-together
    The name means ‘Night of the Moon’ and occurs a night before the actual Eid day. Organised by the Pakistan Social Club, the event has been organised in the city for the last 10 years and is an occasion where ladies come together under one roof (Pakistan School Muscat) with their kiosks. Many sell food, household items and trinkets. For Azra Aleem, a popular socialite, and team, their task is the organisation of this event.
    Soon after, she has plans to gather a group of women and plan something bigger for coming days. Also, many of her team mates will be selling their products and creations online. This is the best time to showcase their products on social media and interact directly with customers. Why don’t you plan your very own group activity?
  4. Driving
    Anish and Robi wants to make use of the extra time nicely to hone their driving skills. Luckily, their instructor stays at Wadi Adai, and as a buddy, he has promised them extra time. They want to make use of the empty roads and drive nicely to build up confidence behind the wheel. They believe that the confidence gained during the break will help them impress the cops later on. Have you started learning driving, go on and take extra lessons during the break.
  5. Trekking
    Another exciting engagement is trekking. There are many undiscovered places in Muscat that many amateurs are unaware of. The only popular one – the Muttrah trek – has been traversed by all. Colleagues Salma, Ayesha and Rohan plan to venture deeper during the holidays. Some of their targets include the Saal steps, the Portuguese graveyard, and the Wadi Kabir hills. They have also consulted a local guide, named Rhaes, who is known for his extraordinary trekking skills. How about you?

(Text: Anirban Ray)


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