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Oman Business Listings

Apex’s premier information portal, KoolOman blends the very best in business listings and lifestyle content so you can find exactly what you are looking for in your search for information and recommendations.

KoolOman.com is the digital future of the former ‘Oman Business Directory’ and the nation’s favourite weekly newspaper ‘TheWeek’, introducing a new brand identity that retains the quality and credibility of these long established publications and their trusted values.

On KoolOman.com you will find information on leisure activities and places to visit, as well as guidelines for cultural events. Discover the best places to stay and dine, and browse a plethora of shopping and entertainment venues including modern malls and heritage souqs. This inventory, alongside business listings, is continuously updated to provide a genuine guide to life here.

KoolOman is also a convenient navigational tool for visitors and travellers who require reliable information on the country’s many destinations as well as tips and local sensibilities to truly appreciate what Oman has to offer.