How to set up a backyard movie in Oman?

How to set up a backyard movie in Muscat
Backyard movies are fun evenings for the whole family

So what if the cinemas are closed, you still can enjoy a cinema experience in your own backyard or even a special room created to give you the same ambience. Backyard movie nights are trending since summer 2020. And people have been substituting their inability to visit movie theatres by creating fun experiences for themselves within the family. With the weather turning pleasant, here’s how to set up a backyard movie in Oman.

Whether you want a romantic evening with your partner or a fun activity for all family members, backyard movie nights are a great option. To create the ultimate movie night, you need a few essentials. Consider these six steps to get ready for a season of cinema fun.

The screen

To help everyone enjoy a great view, you’ll want a screen as the centerpiece of the event. The cheapest option is to iron and hang a white bed sheet. However, to get a better quality viewing experience, consider buying white blackout fabric from your local craft store. Of course if you are serious about your outdoor movie nights, you may want to invest in an outdoor projection screen that rolls up and can be stored.

The projector

If you wish to have frequent screenings of your favourite movies in your backyard, it’s worthwhile to invest in a good projector for the best experience year after year. Visit the gadget stores in town and get a good deal to suit your pocket. Some brands offer a small size projector with big impact to give you a rich picture quality in HD resolution.

How to set up a backyard movie in Oman - seating
Provide rugs and cushions as well as folding chairs to suit needs of different family members

Set up seating to allow everyone a good view of the screen. The majlis format with blankets and pillows/cushions is perfect and very popular with children. The back row can include folding chairs or lawn furniture for adults  who like to sit up. If inviting other family members who don’t live with you, ensure adequate social distancing in seating and interaction. It’s also a good idea to offer everyone a face mask with a common theme or logo to match the mood of the evening.


No movie experience is complete without favourite treats. You can buy popcorn and favourite soft-drinks, and serve them in movie style cardboard pouches. You may also set up a counter with snacks, coffee and soft-drinks in tetra-packs for people to help themselves. A recess for snacking midway would also be helpful for people to ease their limbs.


The best time for an outdoor movie is after sunset. However, you might want to add some light for safety and convenience. String lights are an affordable way to light pathways back to the house or around landscaping. Additionally, small flashlights for guests are a great option.

Inform neighbours

If you want your movie night to be a positive experience for everyone make sure not to disturb neighbours. Ensure that your screening area does interfere with the privacy of others residing in the vicinity of your home. It’s a good idea to inform your neighbours and even invite them to join in. Also, keep sound at a reasonable level and select movies that have appropriate language and content for everyone.

Now that you have a clear idea how to set up a backyard movie in Oman, you can keep planning such events, again and again, all through winter.


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