Where to buy gold jewellery in Muscat ?

A host of latest designs are available at all jewellers

If you are wondering where to buy gold jewellery in Muscat, you will be spoilt for choice at some of the finest international jewellery chains. Some of these esteemed jewellers, who also retail a string of internationally reputed branded jewellery, have many outlets in different areas to cater to people on all rungs of society.

The price of gold in Oman (on May 20, 2021) was around RO232.10 per 10g of 24Karat gold and RO212.70 per 10g of 22Karat gold. That works out to RO23.21per gram of 24Karat gold and RO21.27 per gram of 22Karat gold. *(Check for exact rates on visit to local jewellers)

Ruwi High Street is the hub of jewellery outlets. You can find not only the best jewellers for state-of-the-art gold and diamond jewellery but also many local jewellers who stock traditional designs that are in good demand among Arab buyers. Some reputed jewellers have more than one outlet on this street while others have outlets elsewhere in the city, especially at malls and hypermarkets, where you can buy gold at international prices.

Popular outlets

Some of the popular jewellers include Malabar Gold & Diamonds, Joy Alukkas, Sky Jewellery, Atlas Jewellery, Kalyan Jewellery, Seapeals Gold & Diamond Jewellery, Damas, Muscat Jewelry, Jawahir Oman Jewellers, Adam Sons Jewellery, and many more. While the best time to buy gold in Oman is during Diwali, the Indian festival of lights, when most Indians buy gold and jewellers come forth with many interesting offers, gifts and buying options, you can walk into a store and get a good deal all through the year.

Malabar Gold & Diamonds offers completely transparent deals with all gold jewellery purchases accompanied by 916 hallmark certification, a guarantee of purity. Also, the diamonds sold here pass through 28 internal quality tests and are also certified by international laboratories. They also offer free lifetime maintenance and guarantee buyback on all gold and diamond jewellery.

On the other hand, Jawahir Oman, with a history that spans over 40 years, has achieved uncompromising standards of quality and craftsmanship in its stunning, handcrafted jewellery lines and truly beautiful sterling silver traditional gifts. Inspired by Omani heritage and culture, collections represent the quintessential Jawahir Oman style, which has become synonymous with high end luxury among the brand’s loyal patrons. With 30 showrooms in the GCC, spread across UAE, Qatar, Kuwait and Oman, Kalyan Jewellers is a rather new player in Ruwi High Street, having arrived here just a few years ago. However, this reputed brand has the choicest collection of diamond, platinum, gold and pearl jewellery among the jewellers in Oman.

Joy Alukkas, the first jewellery retailer to be awarded both the prestigious ISO 9001:2008 and 14001:2004 certifications, is also very popular among Indian, as well as local buyers. It has a wide selection of gold, platinum, diamond jewellery, coins and bars as well as a special collection of branded jewelery. So you can buy gold in many different forms here. The same options are offered by other jewellers, too.

Also, Sky Jewellery, Guinness record holder for participation in the world’s longest handmade chain with Dubai Gold and Jewellery Group, has a prominent showroom on Ruwi High Street and has a very strong customer base From India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Philippines, as well as the world over.

Key tips for buying gold

Hallmarked gold is the way to go
Gold sold by Indian retailers is certified for its purity by the Bureau of Indian Standards or BIS, and checked gold is called as Hallmarked gold. The BIS, through one of its assaying centres, certifies the claimed purity of gold and engraves the purity level (916, 958 etc.) along with the name of the retailer on the gold product to ensure that customers are not cheated. Always look for hallmarked gold when going gold shopping.

Check out the making charges
Jewellers tend to incorporate wastage or making charges on the final product. This can be expected from them as gold jewelleries come with the added charges of craftsmanship done on raw gold. But you should ensure that the additional charges are not out of line. A simple way to go about doing this is to calculate the per gram amount that you are actually paying for the piece.
For instance, you purchased a gold necklace made with 20 grams of 22 karat gold that has cost you Rs.60,000. So you are effectively paying Rs.3,000 per gram of 22 karat gold. Check this figure with the prevailing gold rate in your city and decide if the charges are too high or not when you buy gold.

Check exchange/resale value
Gold is more of an investment than a casual purchase. It is imperative that you clear out things such as how much will your jewellery fetch at a later day if you were to sell it. Jewellers nowadays accept gold jewelleries at prevailing rates of gold in the city, shaving off the wastage or workmanship costs that you paid while purchasing. This is still a good deal and you are advised to check beforehand with your jeweller if he is going to buy-back or exchange the jewellery at a later date. With these key tips you can be sure of the best when you buy gold in Oman.


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