Eight steps to wellness: Yoga lessons – Episode 3


Yoga is an ancient tool to discipline the body and mind, and lead to spiritual awakening and becoming one with your true self. Follow the eight steps to bliss – asana being one of the key steps on the journey to well being. Learn how to do the ‘Sahaj Chakrasana‘ with a prop, with instructions from popular yoga exponent in Oman, Prema Nagesh:

Origin and meaning

Chakra means wheel and asana means posture. It’s also called as ‘wheel posture’ as it resembles a wheel in the final position. We can find chakrasana as one of the 84 asanas in the Hatha Yoga text called ‘Hatha Ratnavalli’ by Srinivasa Yogi.

Many find it difficult to lift their body due to many factors like age, health issues, weakness or lack of flexibility. Here, I have described this posture in a very simple, yet elaborate way for all to practice as a therapy.

Sahaj Chakrasana should not be practised by those who suffer from neck pain, vertigo, high BP, hernia, weak bladder, prolapsed uterus or within six months of surgery

Props needed
Yoga wheel – 12 inches diameter


Sit straight on the floor with legs bent

The wheel is placed between your shoulder blades

As you inhale, start leaning backward – the wheel must rest between shoulder blades, and the head should touch the wheel before starting the pose

Slowly start lifting your buttocks and roll backwards, without allowing the head off the wheel

Keep rolling till the head reaches the floor, and exhale

With your head now away from the wheel, straighten the legs with normal breath

Feel the intense pressure in the lower back and the stretch in the lower core, chest and neck

Hold the posture for 5 to 10 normal breaths

As you inhale, release the posture slowly by rolling back again, maintaining a balance between shoulders

Feel the gentle massage in the spine

Repeat the same after relaxing in between rounds by taking deep breaths

Repeat 3 times, and do it 4 times a day if you need it as therapy


Excellent for tired back, especially for working men and women, to get proper blood circulation in the spin, and hence, overcome tiredness. It can be practised regularly by those women who have uterus related complications.

For the younger generation, Sahaj Chakrasana must be practised daily, since they sit long hours studying or at a computer. This posture comprises gentle back bends which helps prevent many complications in the future, like spine related disorders – scoliosis, kyphosis, besides increasing circulation in the lower core.

By being conscious of the body’s well being everyday and spending 30 minutes doing yoga, many complications and visit to the doctor can be avoided.

For more details: vyanitiyoga.com/yogatherapy4all.blogspot.com;

email: vyanitiyoga4all@gmail.com)


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