How to fix a leaking tap at home?

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Do you have a tap at home that has been leaking for long and you are unable to find handy men to fix the leak?

During the current pandemic, it may not always be possible, or suitable, to get a handyman to visit your home for a small task, such as fixing a leaking tap. Yet, this is something you simply cannot overlook because you do not want to waste water and escalate your meter readings. So what do you do?
The answer is simple – learn how to fix a leaking tap at home!

It is good to keep a few basic tools at home handy, including a set of spanners, screw drivers, nails and screws, a hammer, a pincer, etc. You don’t need to buy an elaborate tool kit, unless you are really technically skilled, because it will most surely lie in one corner without being used.

To fix a leaking tap, you would just need an adjustable spanner and a screwdriver. If need of any specific accessories, like washers, screws, or a new spindle, you can always get it when needed from a hardware store.

Before getting started, make sure you turn off your water supply at the mains. If you live in a villa, your water main will be out on the street or in the front yard. If you live in a flat or apartment block, the mains tap will probably be inside the bathroom or in the laundry room.

If you are working on a tap fixed to a basin or sink, first plug the drain to avoid any parts falling through.

Then, you need to remove the tap handle/knob. Usually this can be done by lifting up a small cover on the top. Usually this cover is used to mark ‘Hot’ or ‘Cold’. With the tip of a screwdriver or knife, just lift this cover.

Under the cover, you will notice a small screw. Remove this screw and then unscrew the tap mechanism by turning it anti-clockwise. This will allow you to get to the tap washer on the bottom.

Check and remove the old tap washer and replace it with a new one of the same size. (You might have to halt your task midway to go get a washer of the same size). Most leakages are merely due to a wornout washer.

Before you re-insert the tap mechanism, check that the tap seat inside the main tap body is in good condition. A leaking tap can also be caused due to debris like rust or sand on the tap seat or a damaged seat itself.

You dont need to buy a whole new tap. Just purchase a tap reseating tool which is an invaluable tool that can be used on all the taps in the house and can save you some money on new taps.

Fix the mechanism back in place tightly, then turn on the main and check. If you notice that the leaking has stopped totally, your task is done.

Handy men services in Oman

If you need to fix things at home, from a leaky tap to a noisy air-conditioner, or get your home cleaned up and sanitised, there are many organised services managed by individuals as well as companies to take that burden off your shoulders. And what’s more, they are prompt to arrive and charge reasonably. Here are some of the handymen services in town:

Home Care
You can trust Homecare handy men to help with all the niggling little jobs around the house that never get done. Our skilled handyman services in Muscat are reliable and always have the right tools for the job. Whether you need a washer changing, installing home appliances or flat-pack furniture assembling, the Homecare team is on hand to help. Even the jobs you know you can do yourself but just don’t want to.
Call: 96007203

Resfix is a platform that connects customers with independent real estate services professionals in Oman in real time. This includes Property management, facility management, property building, repair & maintenance services. For air-conditioning, painting, carpentry, pest control, home cleaning, refrigerator/washing machine repair, microwave/TV repair, geyser/water purifier repair, gardening, packing and moving, security/CCTV services, and sanitistion, call: 72444424 / 7244442

Oman Maintenance
Oman Maintenance totally understands the residential and commercial building, maintenance, repair and installation work. With professional and reliable technicians, plumbers, carpenters and electricians they offer handy men services to help with your repair needs the quickest way without compromising quality and client satisfaction.
They are also a credible and all-inclusive shop for a wide array of residential and commercial CCTV installation, security systems, IT Services, repair, electrical, plumbing, carpentry, installation and maintenance solutions.
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