How to get a Liquor Permit in Oman?

How to get a Liquor Permits in Oman - Visit Ruwi Police Station, Muscat orCID office, Salalah
How to get a Liquor Permits in Oman – Visit Ruwi Police Station, Muscat orCID office, Salalah

One of the most frequently asked questions by expatriates who newly come to the sultanate is – How to get a Liquor Permit in Oman? The answer is simple – just follow 3 simple steps and get a renewable permit valid for two years. Liquor may be purchased at any of the licensed retail outlets in the city.

It is important for expatriates to remember that consumption of alcohol in a Muslim state needs to be done discreetly. This is to respect the religious sentiments of the local populace. Purchase of alcohol in Oman forbidden for Muslims (locals as well as expatriates). However, non-Muslim expatriates can apply for alcohol licenses by submitting relevant documents to the ROP which is the alcohol license issuing authority.

Permit value

The value of the permit is determined by the applicant’s salary – 10% of basic salary. Hence if one’s basic salary is RO500, he can be issued a permit to purchase alcohol valued at not more than RO50 per month. The permit fee is 4 per cent of the total value of the permit for 24 months. Hence, for a monthly permit limit of RO50, it would be 4 per cent of RO50x24 = RO48.

Documents required

1. Copy of passport
1. Copy of residence card
3. 2 passport size photographs (blue background)
4. No objection letter from the company – mentioning salary and status

5. Employment contract attested by the Ministry of Manpower to confirm employment and eligibility to apply for a permit
6. Completed permit application obtained at the license office

The procedure

1. Complete the application form and submit it with all required documents at the liquor permit issuing authority at the ROP according to their case analysis results.

2. The ROP reviews your application and verifies that your residence is not located within a kilometre radius of any mosque. There are other proximity considerations, as well.

3. Pay the relevant fee and collect your Liquor Permit.

Where to submit the application

Applications for Liquor Permits may be submitted at two main locations:

1. Muscat – at Ruwi Police Station, near Darsait traffic intersection

2. Salalah – at CID office, Al Saadah Main Police Station, near Saadah


Renewal of Liquor Permit

For renewal of the Liquor Permit, follow the same above procedure and carry along the expired permit.

With the above mentioned steps, you would be conversant with how to get a Liquor Permit in Oman without any difficulty. But remember, consumption with discretion is crucial.


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