How to get a visa for Oman?

How to get a visa for Oman and visit stunning landscapes in the sultanate
How to get a visa for Oman and visit stunning landscapes in the sultanate

If you’ve decided to visit Oman, one of the most beautiful countries in the GCC with stunning natural beauty, a friendly populace, and a peaceful environment, for work as well as tourism, you probably are wondering how to get a visa for Oman? You would be delighted to know that getting a visa for Oman is quite an easy task

As per regulations visitors from 71 countries are entitled to get a visa on arrival but, in view of the current pandemic, that is now an exception in cases of urgent travel concerning those belonging to certain professions. Therefore, one needs to check whether travel restrictions between your own country and Oman have been lifted and one needs to obtain an eVisa before scheduling travel to the sultanate.

You can come to Oman either on a tourist visa or on a work visa. The process of getting a tourist eVisa might take 4-5 working days, so one needs to factor that in one’s travel plans. If you have been given a job offer, the work visa would be extended to you by your prospective employer (who would be your sponsor) well before your scheduled arrival in the sultanate.

Tourist Visa

The Royal Oman Police, which is the visa issuing authority, has called on all foreign citizens belonging to the list of 71 countries for whom visa on arrival is permitted to apply for an eVisa online, prior to travel. To get an eVisa online, one needs to upload a copy of one’s passport and a passport-size photograph, and pay the specified fee (depending on duration of stay). The visa charge is RO5 for stay upto ten days and RO25 for stay upto 30 days in Oman. Visitors of other nationalities not on the list need to apply through their respective embassies.

Work Visa

All those coming to Oman on a job, need to possess a work visa provided by the employer who would be one’s sponsor in Oman. Work visas are not issued unless candidates (aged 21 to 60 years) secure employment from registered firms in Oman and have duely been given offer letters that specify basic terms of the employment. Work visa applications and formalities with the Ministry of Manpower are carried out by the employer who will need certain documents from the candidate, including copy of passport, specified number of passport-size photographs, duely attested educational certificates, and a medical certificate from an authorised medical centre in your home country. Medical certificates are a must for those from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, the Philippines, Indonesia, Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, and Syria. This may be applicable for those from other countries, if specified by the employer.

Those intending to bring their families at a later date, need to apply for a family joining visa, which is the discretion of the employer and specified in its employment contract. Spouses and children below the age of 21 can be listed under family-joining visas and one needs to provide relevant documents for the purpose, which includes copy of passport page indicating relationship to the work visa holder, photographs, copy of passport and resident card of the work visa holder as well as an attested marriage certificate.

Certificate attestation

Marriage certificates need to be attested by the authorised ministry of your home country and then attested by the ministry of foreign affairs in Muscat before being submitted to the employer to procure family-joining visas. Educational certificates submitted for work visas also need to be attested by the authorised ministry of your home country. If one takes due care to follow the prescribed procedure, unnecessary delays can be avoided.

Make sure to provide all relevant documents in the required formats, so that the PRO (Public Relations Officer) of your prospective employer –the key guy who will get the formalities done on your behalf to secure your work visa – can get it done in one visit, without wasting days communicating with you regarding lapses.

Follow the right procedure and keep all your documents in order to be sure you know how to get a visa for Oman with ease.


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