How to learn Arabic in Oman?

Learn Arabic in Oman by signing up for a foundation course

If you’ve newly arrived in Oman and are still marveling at the way the local populace speak to communicate things that are not meant for your ears, you probably are wondering how to learn Arabic in Oman as a sure way of being able to communicate with locals with greater ease.

Arabic is said to be the fifth most widely spoken language with over 300 million native speakers and a rich literary and cultural heritage. And the good news is, that you, too, can learn to speak in Arabic even if you do not have any knowledge about it at all.

There are many institutes in Oman which regularly conduct Arabic classes to enable interested individuals to explore the language and the culture in a fulfilling manner. There are Arabic language programmes that offer courses for beginners. Other courses are intended for those who have already studied the language and need to polish up their skills.

Foundation courses

Foundation courses in Arabic are also provided in different levels for complete beginners and the focus is on learning conversational skills across a variety of everyday situations and building up a basic vocabulary. One learns greetings, simple conversations, ways for finding oneself around town in different situations as well as a good working knowledge of the Arabic script.’

Some institutes concentrate on ‘Omani Arabic and the classes are dedicated for teaching the Omani dialect and culture. The classes are interactive sessions and equip the learner with skills for listening, understanding and speaking Arabic the way the Omanis do in varied situations. Classes are conducted as part-time evening programmes and directed at individual learners as well as corporate batches.

Points to ponder

First decide on your intent for learning Arabic, whether it is for personal or professional convenience.

Then select the right institute and classes that suit you. Most classes comprise around 40 hours of instruction and can successfully be progressed with subsequent levels.

Set a goal for yourself and work seriously towards realising it. Talk with taxi-drivers, shopkeepers, and Omani colleagues in Arabic. Don’t be shy of making mistakes, that’s the best way to learn.

One of the ways to speed up your learning is to befriend an Arabic speaking colleague/neighbour or friend and practise speaking with him/her in Arabic whenever you meet.

Some of the most popular institutes which teach Arabic include the following:

Polyglot Institute

Omani Arabic

Noor Majan Arabic Institute


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