How to open a bank account in Oman?

How to open a bank account in Oman?
All employees need to open a bank account in Oman for salary transfers

If you’ve just landed in Oman on a job, you’re probably making plans to open a bank account. It is important for all employees to have a bank account since their salaries get credited directly to their bank accounts. If you are wondering how to open a bank account in Oman, rest assured – we’ve put together some useful tips and must haves for this simple task.

Documents needed

Before you can open a bank account or for any official purpose, you’ll need a valid residence card. Here is list of documentation needed to open a bank account:

  1. Completed application form
  2. Resident card (print out of front & back).
  3. Proof of the residential address of the applicant: A valid passport for expatriates (print out of first and last page)
  4. If salary account, formal statement showing your employer’s name and salary transfer from your employer.
  5. Minimum amount required to open the particular account.
Frequently asked questions:
What types of accounts in Oman are available for expatriates?

Expatriates residing in Oman can open three types of bank accounts:

  • Current Account
  • Savings Account
  • Children’s Saving Account
Can I open a bank account online?

Most of the banks in Oman require you to be present at the branch at the time of opening your account. During COVID-19, few banks have offered the option of opening the account online through their official website. (For example: Bank Muscat (

Can I open an account with my home country currency?

No, banks in Oman open accounts in Omani Rials.

Does Oman charge expatriates to open an account?

No, banks in Oman don’t charge expatriates or locals for opening accounts. But, few banks require you to deposit a minimum amount at the time of opening an account.

Is it possible to withdraw cash with Oman Debit card outside the country?

Cash withdrawals outside of Oman are permitted with cards linked to the accounts of individuals. You can set the limit of withdrawal and the country of visit prior to your travel and discuss with the bank to ensure the safety of your transaction.

Which bank should I choose?
  • It is always better to check which bank your employer uses for salary transfers. Choosing the same one may facilitate efficient/faster deposits.
  • Choose a bank that provides online banking and apps. This will help ease other transactions such as online bill payments, fund transfers to your home country etc.
  • You can also look to open a bank account for your child, this is one of the good to have accounts we recommend:
  • Opening a savings account for your children is a great thing to do. Not only can it get your little one saving regularly but you can build up some extra savings for them too.
  • Banks that offer children saving account with some attractive prizes are:

Bank Muscat: Al Mazyona Children’s Account

( )

National Bank Oman: Al Amaal Child Savings Account

( )


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