How to register a vehicle in Oman?

How to register vehicles in Oman at the Directorate General of Traffic
How to register vehicles in Oman at the Directorate General of Traffic

All vehicles in Oman need to be registered immediately after purchase. The key question most ask, after acquiring a new or used vehicle is ‘How to register a vehicle in Oman?’ For newly purchased vehicles from dealers, a temporary registration (green) number plate in initially issued. This can be subsequently exchanged for a permanent registration (yellow) number plate. Light vehicles for commercial use are provided with red registration number plates.

Before seeking registration, one needs to get the vehicle insured by visiting any of the vehicle insurance companies in Oman. Once insured, details of the insurance will be electronically conveyed to the ROP.

General requirements:
  1. New registration form filled in by the applicant or their representative.
  2. The vehicle must be insured with any insurance company and must meet the safety standards.
  3. The sale contract issued by the dealer.
  4. Copy of the identity card or copy of the commercial registration if the vehicle is to be registered in the name of a company or any institution.
Additional requirements for expatriates:
  1. Copy of the residence card.
  2. Copy of the passport.
  3. Copy of a valid driving licence.
  4. The sponsor’s stamp on the form.
  5. The registration form should bear the stamp of the company or establishment if the vehicle is mortgaged.
  6. Letter from the government institution (for government vehicles).
  7. Letter from an auction, if the vehicle is purchased at an auction.
  8. Customs clearance if the vehicle is purchased from another country.
  9. Export certificate and plates, if applicable.
  10. Certificate from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, if the vehicle is
  11. Letter of discharge for cancelling the vehicle’s number plate, if it bears a number plate of an GCC state and registered by an Omani national who wants to get the plates cancelled.
Additional requirements for vehicles registered as Taxi:
  1. Approval of the Director General of Traffic or the authorised official acting on his behalf.
  2. This is restricted to Omani nationals only.
  3. An undertaking in writing that the plate (number) will not be sold or hired out.
Renewal of vehicle registration


  • License exchange form bearing the sponsor’s signature and stamp
  • Copy of the passport and residence card
  • The original driving license and a copy of it
  • Blood group certificate.
  • In case of foreign license, it  must have been issued at least one year back.
Transfer of vehicle ownership

For private vehicles:

  1. Fill in the form, filling in details of the purchaser and seller, and signatures of both parties.
  2. The seller and purchaser must appear in person before the Directorate of Licensing.
  3. Letter stating approval of all partners if the vehicle is mortgaged.

 A letter of discharge from the other partner if the mortgage is ended


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