How to renew your driving license in Oman?

How to renew your driving license in Oman at the ROP license issuing centres
How to renew your driving license in Oman at the ROP license issuing centres

For those who want to know ‘How to renew your driving license in Oman’, here is a simple guide to doing so. Driving licenses are renewed for varying periods of 1- 2 years. That will be decided depending on whether you are a new driver or have been driving regularly in Oman. Traffic offenses also have a bearing on the renewal of licenses of new drivers.

Renewing a driving license is a simple procedure that can be done in a short time by visiting any ROP license issuing centre. Fill up a driving license renewal form, pay up all pending traffic fines and the license fees. Then hand over your expired license, along with other documents and you’re done.

Renewed licenses are issued by the Directorate General of Traffic within minutes, if you are lucky not to encounter many applicants when you visit. Take a token at the reception and await your turn. Make sure to clear all traffic fines in advance to save time. Traffic fines can also be paid at the time of renewal at the counter.

Requirements for Omani nationals:
  1. A driving license renewal form
  2. The expired license
  3. The applicant should be free from any disease that may hamper his/her ability to drive.
Requirements for non-Omani residents:
  1. A driving license renewal form
  2. The expired license
  3. Copy of the residence card
  4. Copy of the passport
  5. The sponsor’s stamp on the application form

Remember, when you visit the Directorate General of Traffic, you need to take a relevant token and await your turn at the counter. All fees are paid only using bank cards – no cash transactions are allowed. Now that you know how to renew your driving license in Oman, get your documents in order and proceed with ease.


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