Omani woman dares to be different – an ace auto mechanic


Zainab Ali al Yarubi, who hails from Masirah, has come a long way since selling vehicle spare parts to becoming an ace auto mechanic.

Zainab’s father, who is also an auto mechanic, was her biggest supporter when she showed interest in this work. She watched her father work in his workshop with passion and love repairing vehicles and fell in love with the profession early in her childhood.

“In 2006, I started selling spare parts in a shop attached to the vehicle repair shop,” Zainab said.

Over time, while dealing with spare parts, engine lubricants and changing worn-out parts, she became skilled in repairing vehicles and mastered the knowledge needed in this physically and mentally demanding profession.

“I was afraid of consumers’ reactions and was doubtful if they would accept me – a woman – working in this field. This profession requires muscle strength and time, in addition to handling heavy, sharp and dangerous tools. But with patience, determination and the encouragement of people, I overcame all the challenges and self-doubts,” she said.

Zainab added, “I began the journey of becoming a mechanic by diagnosing faults, learning how to quickly disassemble and change spare parts, and by the virtue of experience I gained from selling spare parts. I was able to master a lot of vehicle repairing skills, especially identifying mechanical faults, under the supervision of my father.

“Many girls in Masirah come to our workshop now because they feel comfortable in working with a girl.”

Spark plug change, oil change, engine overhaul etc come naturally to Zainab now.

Talking about her future plans, Zainab said, “I will continue this work and I hope to have a workshop of my own to repair women’s vehicles. I would like to encourage this profession among women by training girls to be auto mechanics and finding job opportunities for them.

“I dream of having a workshop that will provide various services, including maintenance, mechanical repairs and all kinds of vehicle electrical works, in addition to a specialised shop for spares and a car wash.”


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