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Accountants, lawyers, printing, cleaning, they’re all here…

From newspaper advertisements to digital ad platforms – including social media – and outdoor advertising

Air-cooling systems, commercial refrigeration and domestic products, repairs and installation

Renting/leasing furnished premises to individuals and corporates, tailored to individual clients needs

Suppliers, retail products – software and hardware, teaching institutes and professional services

Expert advisory services, professional guidance, business management and allied services

Companies involved in procuring packaging, and distribution of fresh/processed foods and beverages

Inbound/outbound transportation, fleet management, materials handling, warehousing & inventory management

Printing and publishing firms dealing with a host of publications, media houses, content generation firms, etc.

Designing, evaluating, producing and distribution of packages, printing options and displays, including digital

Companies providing safety/security products and services, alarms/cameras, access control and security systems 

Services to individuals and companies, from tradesmanship to computer services, restaurants, tourism, etc

Firms dealing with trade, procurement and despatch of industrial/consumer goods and services around the world

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what's VAT

What is this VAT?

What is this VAT, a frequently used term one hears nowadays? It is nothing but a Value Added Tax applicable on certain goods and services.

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