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5 things you cannot do in Ruwi

Ruwi, once the downtown hub of all activity just about two decades ago, continues to enjoy the status of a very busy locale in Muscat. But there are five things you simply cannot do in Ruwi.

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Eating out options in Muscat

Muscat has numerous eating out options with varied cuisines to suit all pockets but no ‘Dining District’, as such. From Shawarma to Sushi, you’ll be spoiled for choice.

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Are you good at texting – mind it!

Are you good at texting at top speed? You may be good at handling digital gadgets like smartphones and gaming consoles with ease but it will invariably take a toll on the welbeing of your digits.

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go green

Go green within your home

People in Oman grow vegetables at home using hydroponics. From herbs to palm trees, they all need just nutrient rich water. Have you tried it?

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2-minute workouts for women

2-minute workouts for women

Women who juggle with household chores and challenging demands of their careers everyday find many an excuse to avoid working out. Even though they have

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