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eid holidays

Nine-day Eid holiday bonanza for Oman

The much awaited declaration of the Eid al Fitr holidays has come as a pleasant bonanza for people in Oman. Since the five-day official holiday from May 1 to 5 gets sandwiched between two weekends, people can enjoy a nine-day holiday from April 29 till May 7.

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Going Out

riding bikes

So you think you can ride?

Are you contemplating buying a bicycle in Oman – one of the most healthy and environment friendly decisions of your life? You need to consider some facts before you realise your dream on two wheels.

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omani shuwa

Have you really experienced Oman?

Have you been in Oman for many years and not yet experienced Oman? They say, your experience is never complete without savouring Shuwa. Either get treated or treat yourself to it.

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Eating out options in Muscat

Muscat has numerous eating out options with varied cuisines to suit all pockets but no ‘Dining District’, as such. From Shawarma to Sushi, you’ll be spoiled for choice.

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musical talent

How to start a band in Oman

If you are a group of individuals – singers, musicians and technicians – who wish to start a band in Oman, it is important that you first declare your band to the authorities and get it registered. Here’s how to do it:

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