Agah’s Kitchen propagates Omani cuisine in Muscat

Omani restaurant

If you’re interested in trying out genuine Omani cuisine, prepared with authentic recipes that not only convey Oman’s culinary traditions but also strike a warm chord of its much-touted hospitality, Agah’s Kitchen is where you need to head to.

The newly set up Omani restaurant, serving well over 30 Omani dishes that speak volumes about the robust appetite of Omanis, as well as their simplistic palate, will soon thrown open its doors to patrons on 18th November Street. At the soft opening this week, numerous invitees took delight in the food laid out that was ‘a celebration of flavour and fervour’ packed in by its proprietor chef Majeed Agah who believes in conjuring up dishes steeped in tradition yet with a modern twist in presentation.

Among the dishes served at this Omani restaurantwere three varieties ouzi – lamb, beef and seafood – which became the main attraction of the evening. One couldn’t possibly be satisfied with the visually appealing spread that could be the star attraction in a wedding buffet wherein culinary fanfare is the norm.

The meat, shrimp, crab and fish in the dishes served in the restaurant will be locally sourced to maintain quality and freshness. The meat, marinated in rose water and saffron, was tender. All three ouzis were garnished with roasted nuts and raisins stuffed in freshly cut pineapple.

Addressing guests, Majeed Agah, owner and chef of the Omani restaurant, said, “Omani food has been restricted to family gatherings. The cuisine of Oman needs more outlets. Here at Agah Kitchen, we aim to serve the best Omani dishes. Though we want to stick to original flavours, for the future we are open to fusion dishes.”

Chef Majeed Agah displays his ouzis

Scheduled to open soon with 35 Omani dishes on its menu, the restaurant has been offering home-delivery. It will also have a bakery section where Omani women will be engaged to bake items. The restaurant has three pits for shuwa, each big enough to cook eight goats.

Co-owner Mohammad al Kathiri informed that the Omani restaurant has a team of five chefs headed by Agah, who creates his own mix of spices.

Agah learnt many of the dishes on the menu from his mother and has been passionate about cooking from a very early age. He has been instrumental in creating special spices and ideas for several Omani dishes.

(Text by: Anirban Ray)


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