How to handle a road accident in Oman?

Road accidents

Whether you drive safely or not, road accidents can occur at any time due to your own fault or due to a mistake committed unintentionally by someone else. However, it is important to know how to handle a road accident in Oman.

According to studies conducted in Oman, an element of speeding is commonly reported as the key cause for most road accidents in Oman. Also, the victims of road traffic crashes are mostly young in the age group of 21- 30 years. So, the cautions are mainly directed at young drivers who endanger their own lives as well as jeopardise the safety of other motorists on the roads.

What to do

Here’s how to handle a road accident in Oman, if you have the misfortune of getting involved in one:
First of all, don’t panic. Remember help of all types is close at and and you need to keep your mind cool and clear to do the right thing at the right time.
If you’ve been in an accident, or witnessed one and need to reach out to the victims, this is what you should do – Call the Royal Oman Police on the hotline 9999 for help or to initiate a police report that would be needed when contacting your insurance company later.
If the road accident is minor and does not involve injury to any persons, you must move your car to the side of the road as fast as possible, so as not to obstruct traffic and come to a settlement with parties concerned (if two or more vehicles are involved) regarding who was at fault and how to go about for the next step of approaching the insurance company of the person at fault for inspection and further action.

Call for help

If both are not able to conclude who is at fault, both must visit the nearest police station, to explain the incident and come to a conclusion. If the condition of the vehicles are not suitable for driving, one can call for police inspection (9999) as well as for a tow van (9914 3222) to move the vehicle from the accident site.
In case of injury, PACDA (Public Authority for Civil Defence and Ambulance) should be contacted either on 9999 or 24343666. The Ambulance service contributes to the provision of health care to the injured in accident sites through direct intervention to save their lives and their health.
It is very important that you do not move the injured person in a road accident from the accident site, if you are clueless what to do, unless they are in danger from oncoming traffic on the road. One should also attempt to divert traffic away from the site from a short distance ahead, to avoid surprising speeding traffic.

Gather relevant information

Collect relevant information from all persons involved in the accident – names, vehicle numbers, telephone numbers. Use your smartphone to quickly take pictures of the number plates or the accident-related vehicle as well as to record telephone numbers of the parties concerned. If anyone is injured, take the name and contact numbers of relatives who can be contacted. All this information will be useful for future action.

Approach your insurance agency

Next, you need to approach the insurance agency of the faulty party for necessary inspection and filing a claim. This can be done on mutual agreement immediately or later in the day. Make sure you have the contact details of those involved in road accidents to meet at the insurance company at the agreed time. Once the insurance company takes over, you will be guided about further action regarding filing a claim as well as conducting required repairs.

Driving precautions

The Royal Oman Police has specified a host of precautions and guidelines that motorists need to strictly follow to avoid road accidents. These include the following:

The Royal Oman Police has specified a host of precautions and guidelines that motorists need to strictly follow to avoid road accidents. These include the following:
Use the proper indicator well before you change your lane to another, or turn left or right. Avoid dangers and don’t emerge suddenly into another lane.
You may cause a fatal accident if you use the improper direction indicator.
Use your indicator at turns to alert other drivers of your intended direction, and to allow them to slow down.
Traffic signs are the language of the road. If they are well, understood and complied with, dangers will be avoided.
Before you overtake, ensure that it is safe to do so, and don’t forget to signal your indicators.
Driving out of the road without signaling to those behind you, may cause an accident.
Drive in a civilised manner to avoid risks. Always comply with road signs and lines that prohibit overtaking.
Turning or driving out of the road without signaling is a traffic offence. Be safe and comply with the traffic rules.
Signal the proper indicator. A very minor mistake may cost very much.
For your own safety and the safety of others, slow down before you turn, and signal the proper direction indicator.

Use of mobile phones

The mobile telephone is a modem and useful means of communication. But, using it during driving is dangerous and contrary to the traffic rules.
To use a telephone while driving, a motorist must use an earpiece. Carrying the telephone by hand while at the wheel may cause an awful accident as the driver will lose control over the vehicle, especially when there are surprises on the road.

Dangers while driving

Using a mobile telephone while driving without an earpiece will cause the following risks:
Loss of control of the vehicle.
Inattention to the traffic on the road. – Inattention to traffic signs and light signals.
Non-compliance with the speed limit.


Junctions are installed to facilitate the flow of traffic and allow movement of vehicles from one direction to another. At road junctions motorists are required to be patient and avoid nervousness. Crossing a junction without full attention and proper judgment of the approaching traffic almost results in fatal accidents.

At road junctions

Make sure that are no approaching vehicles, or at least that they are far enough for you to enter the road.
Don’t cross unless you ensure that can enter the road safely.

Traffic lights

Traffic lights are installed in crowded junctions to control flow of traffic in safe and smooth manner. Compliance with them without causing any harm to others is a commended behavior. Jumping the red signal mostly causes deadly accidents.
What to do at traffic lights:

When approaching traffic lights reduce your speed and don’t depend on the fact that the green signal is on and the vehicle is far from the signals.
Be cautious, pay attention to the road and don’t be distracted.
Stop at traffic lights, and drive only in the green signal, not in the amber.

Seat belts

The seat belt is one of the important parts of a vehicle. It reduces the severity of injuries, as it keeps the driver in position, especially at turns. Fastening the seat belt is a civilised compliance with the rules.
Researches have proved the importance of the seat belt in reducing serious injuries in road accidents. It prevents the driver and the front seat passenger from bumping into the body of the vehicle. Studies have confirmed also that, contrary to what is generally believed, the seat belt does not cause any harm to a pregnant woman in case of accidents.

How to use seat belts

The driver and the front seat passenger must fasten the seat belt before moving off.
Ensure that the seat belt, its base and buckle are in good condition.
Don’t unfasten the seat belt during driving. Keep it fastened until the vehicle comes to a standstill.

Vehicle fires

A filling station staff and motorists must be aware and careful about how to handle fires to avoid disasters.
A vehicle shouldn’t be overloaded and driven for long time without stopping.
Vehicle fires may result from violent collisions or overturning. It’s even worse if the doors are jammed and the passengers unable to get out. Please drive carefully.
Don’t leave children alone in a vehicle, especially if the engine is running.
Ensure that an appropriate fire extinguisher, preferably a carbon dioxide one, is fixed near the driver’s seat.
Change the engine oil regularly, and always ensure that the radiator is full.
Have your vehicle regularly checked and maintained ?

Fire extinguishers

Although vehicles are already equipped with high techniques and many features of durability and safety, the condition of a fire extinguisher will of course reinforce their safety against vehicle.
High temperature during summer is main factor in vehicle fires. A fire extinguisher fixed near the driver’s seat is indispensable to put off fire if it ever breaks out in a vehicle.

Causes of vehicle fires

Little quantity of water in the radiator.
Poor insulation of wires or improperly fixed plugs.
Cracks in the exhaust.
Fuel leak from the tank or supply tubes.
Individual acts


Change oils regularly and always ensure that the radiator is full.
Comply with the vehicle’s laud limit.
Don’t drive for long time continuously without stopping.
Have your vehicle regularly checked, serviced and repaired.
Don’t smoke while driving or during fuelling.
Don’t leave the children alone in the vehicle, or the engine running while you are a way.
Remember that the insurance compensation does not exempt you from legal actions.
After fixing a fire extinguisher in your vehicle have it tested by authorized personnel every six months.


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