Indian singer in Oman lights up YouTube with second single

Indian expatriate Pratibha Sharma’s second single – Glass Khaali – crosses 5 million views on YouTube within one week

The video sizzles from the opening shot itself, as Shefali Jariwala and Ankit Siwach begin a sensational groove with a batch of enraptured youth in a downtown pub styled like a rugged warehouse… And the peppy beats get you in its sway instantly… But, you simply cannot bypass the silken voice of singer Pratibha Sharma, the sole element that holds onto the listener with its feline grip – one that releases only when the audio fades out towards the end.

Glass Khaali, the second single by Pratibha, an Indian expatriate in Oman, has shot well over five million views within just a few days of its release on YouTube, a feat that has left the budding singer herself spellbound. Glass Khaali (the empty goblet) is a catchy song for the new generation about reviving one’s spirits and inducing motivation in life.

Her first single – Pasand Aaya – was a romantic rendition that had also been well received but with Glass Khaali out on Zee Music, Pratibha has now been catapulted to an all new level and she looks upon Oman as a lucky charm that has been instrumental in some way for her success.

Pratibha, who had always been inclined towards music, right from the time she was a little girl, admits that she never gave a serious thought to taking it up as a career. Having studied in Delhi, she had always been appreciated by friend and folks for her informal renditions, but the good measure of praises never ever got to her in an overpowering way, she says.

After marriage, Pratibha moved to the UAE with her husband, and stayed there for about a decade before they moved to Oman. And the usual cares and obligations of family life had somewhat thwarted the path of her passion which lay dormant within her for years, she revealed.

After the decent success of her first single some time back, Pratibha grabbed hold of the next opportunity that came her way without batting an eyelid. Faced with a good offer, she was abreast of the fact that opportunity never knocks twice and plunged headlong into creating her second single.

“After getting married, the scope of following your passion becomes limited and one also faces the cliched assertion of being a typical Indian housewife,”says Pratibha, adding that she broke free from taboos and got enrolled with music institutions in Dubai and India to pursue classical as well as Bollywood music as a fulfilling pastime.

Reviving her zeal for music

After a few stints singing old Bollywood covers, her first single Pasand Aaya gave her a new lease of life as it did well. But then, a lull followed as COVID-19 brought an end to many pursuits by artistes. Out of the grip of the pandemic, Zee Music’s offer for Glass Khaali has now revived her zeal for singing and she hopes to steadily follow her dream.

Admitting, that in the bargain of pursuing her passion, she did have to neglect her family responsibilities to a certain extent, Pratibha, however, disclosed that her family (husband and two school-going children) have been very supportive and have told her to focus on singing without any guilt.

Offering a tip for young girls in Oman who aspire to become singers or performers but are faced with grim prospects as no grooming institutions are available in Oman, Pratibha said, “You don’t have to worry about going to another country to learn music because everything is digital now. You can learn everything from YouTube these days, if you have a real interest. Besides, the classes are also digital these days.”

Asserting that music or singing is a God-given gift, Pratibha said, “I must say, singing is something that everyone cannot learn. You must have it in your being deep within, only then you can understand music, beats, melodies, naturally. The natural talent of a singer has to be 70 per cent, the rest can be learnt.”

Also, the greatest virtue that a performer needs is patience, she said, adding. Things never happen overnight and one cannot give up after facing small setbacks. It is the determination alone which will take one towards realising one’s dreams, she said.

Pratibha already has a few plans for doing more albums in the near future, besides doing a duet with another singer, she disclosed. Also, she is open to the idea of an Arabic rendition, if the right offer comes her way, so that she could connect her talent with the region in which she has been living for over a decade.


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