How to renew your vehicle licence in Oman on your own

vehicle licences
Print your licence at a kiosk

Renewal of vehicle licences can be done in person at the Royal Oman Police licence renewal centres in Oman as well as through online channels – ROP website as well as ROP mobile app. While the renewal fee for a light private vehicle licence is RO20, citizens can renew it for a 10 year period while expatriates can renew it for only 2 years at a time.
Before renewal of vehicle licences, one must pay up all ROP fines for traffic offences listed against the vehicle’s registration to speed up the process. Also, one must undertake a vision test at any of the approved optometrists in Oman who will directly convey your results to the ROP. There is no need for a hard copy of the vision test.
After that follow the step by step procedure and get your licence printed at any nearby service centre. But remember, you cannot renew your vehicle licences in advance, if the renewal date is more than 30 days away.

Terms and conditions

Activate the electronic authentication (PKI) feature of Civil Status Cards through Police Service Centres or activate Mobile PKI of Smartphone cards by the electronic certification system through service providers (telecommunications companies).
License must be issued by Royal Oman Police
License must have already expired or should be expiring within next 30 days.
License holder must be present in the sultanate.
License holder must not have any unpaid traffic offenses.
License holder must not have an expired vehicle registration for more than one year.
License holder must have completed the Vision Test from the approved test centers.
Approved test center should send the Vision Test results electronically to ROP.
Vision Test results are valid only for 30 days from the date of recording.

Service procedures

Access the service via electronic authentication via card reader or through a smartphone card enhanced by electronic certification system (Mobile PKI).
Proceed with payment of service fees through e-payment portal.
Receive the service receipt after the payment is completed.
Print the driver’s license at the nearest service centre.


Light license – RO20 valid for 10 years for Omani and valid 2 years for non-Omani nationalities

Temporary licence – RP10 valid for 1 year for all categories

Heavy licence – RO10 valid for 5 years for Omani and valid 2 years for non-Omani nationalities

Track licence – RO10 valid for 5 years for Omani and valid 2 years for non-Omani nationalities

Motorcycle licence – RO15 valid for 10 years for Omani and valid 2 years for non-Omani nationalities

Service delivery channels

Via ROP website
ROP mobile application available in the Apple Store and Google Play


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