Eight steps to wellness: Yoga lessons – Episode 2

yoga lessons

Yoga is an ancient tool to discipline the body and mind, and to lead to spiritual awakening and becoming one with true self. According to Prema Nagesh, popular yoga exponent and teacher in Muscat, the main aim of yoga is not just to perform physical movements but climbing eight steps gradually to attain permanent happiness. Asanas (postures) are one of the key steps, and in the second episode of this series on yoga lessons, we take a looks at ‘Suptahastapadangusthasana’

Origin and meaning
It’s a supine pose – lying on back hand to toe pose. This asana is developed in modern times and caters to modern day ailments.

One should avoid if having severe back and knee pain. As a beginner one must take support of a volunteer to get the proper stretch and benefits

Props needed: a rope is needed for those who are not flexible

Lie down on back with arms in line with the shoulders

Inhale and gently bend the left leg and hold the left foot big toe with right hand

Use the prop, around your foot, if not able to reach the toe with legs straight and hold the prop instead of toe as a beginner

Exhale and gently take your left leg to right side on the floor. Make sure your arm is stretched and legs are not bending

As you raise the legs upward along the floor, without raising upwards, feel the gentle push upwards in your lower core

Hold the posture for 5 to 10 normal breaths

Release the posture slowly, bending the left leg, and place it beside the other leg and relax

Repeat the same with the other side

This asana is excellent for people suffering from hernia, prolapsed uterus and weak bladder. This asana will help the lower core to gently push upwards and prevent hernia and as a therapy. It also helps to relieve the gentle pain one gets after long walks or run.
This improves blood flow to the groin area and may prevent prostate gland cancer among men and promote a healthy uterus for women. In general, as we grow older, one must take care of spine health and core strength to prevent these injuries. Those who can’t practice uthitahastapadangustanasana can practice this asana safely in supine position.
‘Never give up’ is the most apt quote for bedridden patients or senior citizens and the above asana helps them to improve circulation to their weak nerves.

(For more details: vyanitiyoga.com/yogatherapy4all.blogspot.com;

email: vyanitiyoga4all@gmail.com)


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